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  • How do I access the app?
    Our app is currently deployed via pilot trials, so that we can quench our thirst for constant learning and improvement. The more users in our pilot trials, the higher the impact we can have. If you would like to participate in an existing pilot trial, or have an opportunity to share with Waste Less for a new pilot trial, please send us a note on the contacts page.
  • What regions is Waste Less available in?
    Currently we are focussing our efforts on Australian regions. We can set the app and platform up for any local council region in Australia.
  • How much does the app cost?
    Our overall intent is to partner with local councils, schools and large organisations so that they can provide the app for free to their ratepayers, students or employees and contractors. If you would like to enquire about partnering with Waste Less, please send us a note via the Contact page.
  • What is the current impact of your app?
    Our most recent community trial, in the Montville area of the Sunshine Coast, realised a 32% reduction in landfill rates and 15% increase in recycling rates.
  • You say you are a social enterprise, what does that mean?"
    A commonly accepted definition of social enterprise in Australia is as follows; The enterprise has a defined primary social purpose, environmental or other public benefit The enterprise derives a substantial portion of its income from trade The enterprise reinvests 50% or more of annual profits towards achieving the social purpose. In the our case, we are committed to reinvesting 70% of our annual profits to local environmental groups performing environmental remediation and protection work.
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